Interdisciplinary Future Design

Technology has been continuously developing for the past decades and today we are facing and interacting with more technologies than ever before. With the rapid development of technologies, the ways of our lives have changed significantly compared to the past (Devin 2013). Technology is created and used by humans for different purposes and those technologies have brought vast influences into our lives. Technology is everywhere and we interact with technologies as one single unit now. Technological improvement offers new possibilities to make humans’ daily lives healthier, safer, more understandable, independent, fun and also comfortable (Keuzegids 2012). New technologies provide us with new means of communication, entertainment and also sustainable solutions to improve the environment. Those developments have brought lots of benefits to our lives but also have caused some negative consequences.

The relationship and interaction between human and technology can be viewed as one of the most interesting area and…

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Interdisciplinary Future Design

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For the Global Futures Lab, Future Orientated Scenarios Assessment our group developed a positive, possibly a “best-case scenario” for the future of Sydney, Australia in the year 2050. The scenario manifested as a Monopoly inspired game called “Anthropoly”. Within Anthropoly we were able to explore mini scenarios in with the larger scenario such as:

  • capital gains tax reform

  • media conglomerate consolidation

  • the rise of solar energy farms

  • domestic and urban uptake of on-site water capture and storage via water tanks.


(Dabelko 2008) Water will be the root cause of many future conflicts according to experts such as Boutros Boutros Ghali who says, “The next war in the Middle East will be fought over water, not politics.”. (Dabelko 2008, slide 7).Boutros Boutros Ghali is not alone with this view, Ismail Serageldin has stated,“Wars of the next century will be over water, not oil”.

While water related wars or…

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El término cohesión social no tiene un significado claro. Es un término muy común en las políticas públicas y la investigación a escala europea. El término conjura una imagen muy atractiva: la de una sociedad bien trabada, con unidad suficiente para evitar el conflicto y la división. La cohesión social se concibe como la solución ideal a las tensiones y los problemas sociales de las ciudades modernas, como la exclusión social, la pobreza y la vi … Read More

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